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Write for us – Guest Post Opportunities

At Hi5Jackets we want to invite authors and regular bloggers to write guest posts for our blog.

We like to connect with like-minded people and share contacts. So, if you think you have anything to write for us, we’d love to hear from you!

We welcome individual bloggers to contribute high-quality content to the Hi5Jackets website. You may want to consider an original article (previously not published anywhere, including your own site) with content based on your personal experience and/or professionalism. We will review it for possible publication on our site. Please email your articles to hi5jackets@gmail.com.

Rules for Guest Posting

  • The article topic must be Informative, Unique and in the future and past not publish anywhere including your own blog or the Medium platform.
  • The blog should only be related to Jackets and outerwear.
  • Content Should be more than 800-1200 words.
  • Quality Images for the post.
  • After publishing your content on our website, We have all rights to change, delete, and edit your content.

All About Us

Hi people! Thanks so much for visiting Hi5Jackets! We started our website in 2018, can’t believe it’s been a long time! We like to contact you guys and share information about all the types of jackets.

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